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Circadian Rhythm

This... that above... mine is... fubar. I napped twice today and still I would go back to bed if I could. Close to 20 years of sleep issues make me a very tired woman. The first culprit was my becoming a mother. No stranger to interrupted sleep, it did not get better when the second… Continue reading Circadian Rhythm

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Utterly Unimpressed

I do not bitch and moan a lot, I prefer to let things slide and go on my merry way. I have an office job, a regular 9 to 5 gig, and depending on deadlines, I am also "unofficially" on-call. In a nutshell, the soldier reports for duty anytime the general calls (and no, I… Continue reading Utterly Unimpressed


Happy Mother’s Day

Where would be without our mothers? Mothers know... just about everything! From lessening the pain from a boo boo to curing our deadly cold, from making us behave in public to finding the grit to surpass ourselves, mothers have a magic trick for just about everything. That is to say, mothers have a lot of… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day


Respect is Given, not Earned.

I cringe every time I hear respect is earned. Social manners dictate a basic amount of respect. Do people go about their lives and push people around, beat them up, kill them just for the fun of it? As a standard, no. These things are called assault, aggravated assault, and homicide; they are crimes. Do… Continue reading Respect is Given, not Earned.


Infectuous Disease – The Desire to Butt in

For some reason I cannot pin down, I find myself commenting, contributing to conversations, bringing my knowledge on the topic, or asking a mind-opening question. Why in the world do I butt in when I am not required to - why is it now important for me to say what I think? I have always… Continue reading Infectuous Disease – The Desire to Butt in


Precious Births

Today, the third child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, a son, was born. Also today, one of my favourite actors, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, welcomed his third bundle of sweetness, Tiana Gia Johnson. Two children who will be raised in families that do not lack financially, two husbands and wives who, by all… Continue reading Precious Births

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Update: How to Ask a Man for Flowers

As expected, I got nothing.  Had he been a quick thinker, he could have emailed me an image of flowers (either of a one-flower and greens bouquet or a monster-size bouquet), gotten a smile or a laugh out of me and made my day brighter. That's fine. Getting something was not the purpose of the… Continue reading Update: How to Ask a Man for Flowers

Daily grievance and fun

Rolling and Pitching – Spare Me!

Today, it is a real grievance. I travelled by bus (the Greyhound type) to visit my friend. I knew myself to be sensitive to rolling and pitching but this time was simply ridiculous. I took four anti-nausea pills (two before the trip, two mid-trip and I barely made it to my destination without making a mess.… Continue reading Rolling and Pitching – Spare Me!

Daily grievance and fun

How to Ask a Man for Flowers

My birthday is coming up in a few days and I figured I would have a little bit of fun today. An acquaintance asked me to format a document today, which I did. When all was said and done, he said to me on the phone, "Send me your bill." I raised an eyebrow and… Continue reading How to Ask a Man for Flowers