Daily grievance and fun

A 5 or 7-stage Process, Depending Who You Ask

I have been rather absent, and quite absent-minded, in the last few months. With reason. You know I have children. Well, there is no easy way to say this so let's use the band-aid method (pull on it in one shot!). They are now paternal orphans. Transition does not come close to depict adequately what… Continue reading A 5 or 7-stage Process, Depending Who You Ask


In Transit

There are so many things going on in my mind I have a hard time picking a topic or event to tell you about. I wait for things to settle in my life. I have much to do and I have to wait because nothing can move the "event" is sufficiently "official". Actually, waiting is… Continue reading In Transit

Daily grievance and fun

Yearly Performance and Career Planning

It feels as if New Year's Eve was just last week and now, we are less than a week away from February. I will admit, the temperatures have kept us distracted in the last few weekends. We have arctic temperatures - think along the lines of temperatures of -40 C with a windchill factor of… Continue reading Yearly Performance and Career Planning


Another Year, Another Ride

Here we go again! Every year we hope all the wrongs will right themselves on their own, whether it be getting a promotion in the work place or being noticed by the person we have been pinning for for a long time. Most of us will express these hopes, either with the idealistic innocence of… Continue reading Another Year, Another Ride

Daily grievance and fun

Winter Solstice With a Bang

This day is not going unnoticed where I live. Winter came in with a bang... a snow storm which brought us at least six inches of snow (15 cm)! Now the figure is not that impressive, but we have been enjoying mild temperature in both November and December and no great amount of snow so… Continue reading Winter Solstice With a Bang