Another Year, Another Ride

Here we go again! Every year we hope all the wrongs will right themselves on their own, whether it be getting a promotion in the work place or being noticed by the person we have been pinning for for a long time. Most of us will express these hopes, either with the idealistic innocence of… Continue reading Another Year, Another Ride


A New Year Begins

The last two years brought bumps on the road and a little bit of counter winds, but mostly, they were years of growth. In 2018, I have seen my youngest child turn of age. She reached legal majority. She can vote and legally drink in bars. I have also become aware that, if you keep… Continue reading A New Year Begins

Daily grievance and fun

Winter Solstice With a Bang

This day is not going unnoticed where I live. Winter came in with a bang... a snow storm which brought us at least six inches of snow (15 cm)! Now the figure is not that impressive, but we have been enjoying mild temperature in both November and December and no great amount of snow so… Continue reading Winter Solstice With a Bang


An Unexpected Return

I was knocked off my chair last night. A friend from a former life emailed me after a good three years of complete radio silence.  I did a double take, read the email ten times to make sure I had not hallucinated it... and then replied to it.  This was one peculiar friendship... born in… Continue reading An Unexpected Return

Daily grievance and fun

Flu Season

It makes you wonder why you even bothered to get the flu vaccine... You still end up with the sniffles, feeling borderline feverish, sporting  bright-red irritated nostrils, and you have the work-out of coughing your lungs out because your congestion is made of concrete-like ... OK, I will stop the description right there. We all… Continue reading Flu Season

Musings, People

People Don’t Change

I heard recently that, in marriage, a man doesn't want his woman to change and the woman wants her man to change.  We often hear of unrealistic expectations, irreconcilable differences, unmet needs, lack of intimacy, infidelity as the most common reasons to divorce. Well,  if youth knew what the older generation only learned with time,… Continue reading People Don’t Change


Remembrance Day 2018

This year, Remembrance Day commemorates the 100th anniversary of the end of the first World War. Unfortunately, mankind has a short memory. A century ago, mankind did not have one tenth of the weaponry and assault force it can use and deploy today... and still in the course of four years, millions have given their… Continue reading Remembrance Day 2018

Musings, Observation

Patience is a Virtue

Patience is one of those things you can only get more of by developing it, and by that I mean you have to exert it. Patience is like a muscle, the more you use it, the more it grows. Your level of impatience depends on two things: 1) your expectation when it comes to time (how much in a hurry you are) and 2) how deeply you want what comes next.