Little Else but Work

I dropped off the face of the Earth for a couple days. By choice but not coerced; I had to work. What should have taken no more than 4 hours took 20, and when that was done, I had another deadline to meet.

I am zapped!

What do I have to show all the work I have done?

I  am richer in experience, in knowledge, in wisdom, and in reality.

Experience: new people, new dealings, new adjustments.

Knowledge: the topic was knew

Wisdom: you have to have faith the universe (transcendence, a higher being) to lead you where you have to. Doors close for a reason, dead-ends happens for a reason also.

Reality: the truth of the matter is, I question my position in life right now. Something is shifting. I made a career out of my passion and I am not as satisfied with it as I should be. True enough, I am not doing what I want to do in my trade, but it is still my passion. Something else whispers to me,  but I don’t quite know its direction or its components.

With this said, I  am not one to ram through doors, I would rather walk in a room when the door is opened.


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