Invest in Your Talent

For some time now, I have known I needed something new in my life. So I am leaving "the old" behind and taking a step forward into the unknown. You see, I have a choice: I can use my skills, my gift, to help someone's pockets OR I can use my skills to help someone’s… Continue reading Invest in Your Talent



How far would you go in the name of friendship? Fiction tells us that friends stand by one another, they support one another, they put their friends first, they take a beating for them so they be spared. How often have your friends sacrificed themselves for you?  Do you have that type of friends?  My guess… Continue reading Friendship

Daily grievance and fun


First, let us make something clear. "To humble" and "to humiliate" do not carry the same meaning. They are close but they act differently.  The first one renders humble, causes humbleness. The second one causes humiliation, mortification. Humility (or humbleness) is a word that went out of fashion a long time ago. Humbleness has never… Continue reading Humility