Daily grievance and fun

Just Frigid!

2018 starts on a frigid note... frigid as in -30 C which feels like -42 C due to gusty winds coming from the Arctic circle... a whole week of such conditions.¬† Funny because it has been recorded that parts of Canada were colder than the North Pole. This too shall pass! It might be cold… Continue reading Just Frigid!


Pixel of Joy

Most of you must have a confused look on your faces and wonder what on Earth I mean with the title. Joy is a feeling that comes from within. When was the last time you felt joy bubble in your heart? Joy is more than excessive and enthusiastic positivism. Joy is a feeling that comes… Continue reading Pixel of Joy


What’s the Point?

You know.... There are moments in life when you cannot help but wonder "what's the point of all this?" ¬†Although you want to be motivated and mobilized, your heart is just not in it! What is the point indeed? The fun has been wrung out of the activity you were passionate about not that long… Continue reading What’s the Point?