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Balance: the Never Ending Quest

Living an unbalanced life is the easiest thing in the world! Have an extra bite too often, read a book too late into the night too often, forego that walk you know you should take on more nights than what's good for you and you are out of balance. It takes effort and determination to… Continue reading Balance: the Never Ending Quest


What’s the Point?

You know.... There are moments in life when you cannot help but wonder "what's the point of all this?"  Although you want to be motivated and mobilized, your heart is just not in it! What is the point indeed? The fun has been wrung out of the activity you were passionate about not that long… Continue reading What’s the Point?

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Father’s Day

Today is Father's Day... And I have had no one to wish it to for close to 20 years. I am wondering if men today know the meaning of fatherhood. What kind of examples do the youth have? They see their parents struggling to give them a comfortable living... at the expense of quality living.… Continue reading Father’s Day

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Awareness and Expansion

Once stretched, the mind never goes back to its previous state. And so does awareness. Once you are aware of something, you keep seeing it, in you, in others, and in unrelated situations. You start seeing your life in a different shade and suddenly everything looks different while driving home that new thing you are aware… Continue reading Awareness and Expansion

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Down Memory Lane

A trip down memory lane is sometimes a very useful exercise. Living in the past is not a way to live but revisiting it with a fresh eye and with more objectivity just might provide invaluable insight. If you have done well for yourself, you can look at your past without being thrown back into… Continue reading Down Memory Lane

Daily grievance and fun

Decision Making

I have a love/hate relationship with decision making. I don't make decisions lightly. I think about it, think some more, ponder... go back and forth... and it seems like I don't know what I want. Oh, I can make decisions in a split second, but the important ones, the ones that impact on my loved… Continue reading Decision Making