The Scapegoat

If you pay enough attention to your surroundings and the people around you, you will find one of those: a scapegoat. The weather is horrendous; therefore it is someone's fault.The price of bread went up, it is also attributed to the person who caused the bad weather. The price of gas went up so, in… Continue reading The Scapegoat


The Gag

Before anyone of you get some kinky ideas... No... not in that context!  My previous post was about filters, this one is the opposite. I put my words through filters before saying them (self censorship if you prefer); the gag refers to the words I want to get out... those rebel words I want to… Continue reading The Gag


Precious Births

Today, the third child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, a son, was born. Also today, one of my favourite actors, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, welcomed his third bundle of sweetness, Tiana Gia Johnson. Two children who will be raised in families that do not lack financially, two husbands and wives who, by all… Continue reading Precious Births


How Much Have You Learned This Week?

This is not about academics, it is about awareness, about growth. What have you discovered this week about yourself or those around you? Did somebody showed your their true colours? Did you come to understand that what you blame yourself for was not your doing? Did you find a puzzle, a riddle you have a… Continue reading How Much Have You Learned This Week?

Musings, People


How difficult is it to be true, to be honest, to be genuine? At one point or another, we all take on roles, behave according to what is expected of us, hide from the truth because we think we cannot handle it. We might think lies and pretense can protect, but they don't.  The truth… Continue reading Pretense