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Ecclectic Group With Homogeneous Minds

Men! Ever wonder what women talk about? No, it is not always about you, or about fashion, or about the latest trend in make-up or shoes. I'm part of a small group of women of all walks of life and whose ages span from mid forties to mid seventies. We are a jolly bunch. There… Continue reading Ecclectic Group With Homogeneous Minds

Daily grievance and fun

Rape Culture or Violence Culture

A lot of ink (or pixels) has been used these last few months on the matter. I will reinvent the wheel here, just express how sad Disrespect is never acceptable. I am not sure rape culture is the right label for the world we live in. I think violence culture is more accurate. Violence has… Continue reading Rape Culture or Violence Culture

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Friendship Betrayal

How often do you forgive a friend? As many times as it takes. Now wait a minute! My friend hurt me in the worst possible way... and you expect me to forgive? Are you out of mind? I am not out of my mind and yes, forgiveness is the only answer. What is friendship to… Continue reading Friendship Betrayal

Daily grievance and fun

The Festivities

I have never been a party girl, but I make efforts... sometimes. This weekend, I have been in the kitchen making meat pies, more than a dozen of them. Not that I needed so many, but there will be enough left to eat throughout the year. My issue with the festivities you might ask? Sorrowful… Continue reading The Festivities

Daily grievance and fun

Hibernation – Where Do I Sign Up?

I have been telling people so for over a decade... Hibernation from December to late February should be mandatory for mothers. Just think about it... A few months to catch up on sleep and to lose weight without doing anything and on top of that, it would make winter much shorter! What's not to like… Continue reading Hibernation – Where Do I Sign Up?

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Three Rare Occurrences 

#1 In my neck of the woods, a forecast of 19 C and 20 C for a 21st ad 22nd of October is highly exceptional. Usually, by this time, the mercury hovers in the positive one digit temperature, the car heater is on in the morning and a light scarf is sometimes necessary. I went… Continue reading Three Rare Occurrences¬†