Daily grievance and fun

New, Brand New

I am excited. My landlord is "remodeling" my bathroom. Okay, remodeling might be too strong a word here, but there will be a change. The protection walls above the bath tub will be renewed... as the older ones are cracked and letting water into the wall. There is no say how much water damage there… Continue reading New, Brand New

Daily grievance and fun

Purposely Seek Little Pleasures

Today was what my colleague and I call "sushi Thursday". Once a week, lunch out instead of bring our lunches and we treat ourselves to sushi. We both like it. On top of our usual plate we treated ourselves to sushi desserts this week. For those who do not know how that concept can even… Continue reading Purposely Seek Little Pleasures

Daily grievance and fun, People

Down Memory Lane

A trip down memory lane is sometimes a very useful exercise. Living in the past is not a way to live but revisiting it with a fresh eye and with more objectivity just might provide invaluable insight. If you have done well for yourself, you can look at your past without being thrown back into… Continue reading Down Memory Lane

Daily grievance and fun

Standing Out

Have you every met people who stood out from everyone else you? You know... the people you have no reference for, those "one-of-a-kind" individuals you cannot decipher or whose behaviors you cannot predict. They are those who: persevere when everyone else would have given up long ago. stick to their principles, either out of convictions… Continue reading Standing Out

Daily grievance and fun

Duty, You Just Got to Do It!

That's what being an adult is all about... taking responsibility for our choices, no matter what they bring. Growing selfless becomes a requisite to adulthood; you have to be aware that the world does not revolve around you, you are only a part of it, your magnetic pull has no tangible effect . You might… Continue reading Duty, You Just Got to Do It!