On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is virtually impossible to miss. The colours red and white saturate shops and retailers since January 7th or so … and by Friday, all hearts and balloons will have been replaced with bunnies and eggs! Two consecutive holidays which rely on chocolate sales. Aligning by their themes (love and life/couple and family), these… Continue reading On Valentine’s Day


Take Care of Yourself

This short sentence has become so popular it is gaining momentum over the age old 'goodbye' (which used to be God Bless You - Gby). What does that mean? How do we take care of ourselves? There are the no-brainers: Healthy diet Physical activity Balanced life Sleep There are also the relational habits: Letting go… Continue reading Take Care of Yourself


Family, Familiarity

I have two younger siblings (much younger) and I am saddened to see how we reproduce patterns throughout our lives. Some people are built to be in successful relationships whereas some people just aren't. It takes a certain amount of selflessness to accept that the necessary give-and-take in marriage is extended to a lifetime basis… Continue reading Family, Familiarity

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Friendship Betrayal

How often do you forgive a friend? As many times as it takes. Now wait a minute! My friend hurt me in the worst possible way... and you expect me to forgive? Are you out of mind? I am not out of my mind and yes, forgiveness is the only answer. What is friendship to… Continue reading Friendship Betrayal

Daily grievance and fun

The Festivities

I have never been a party girl, but I make efforts... sometimes. This weekend, I have been in the kitchen making meat pies, more than a dozen of them. Not that I needed so many, but there will be enough left to eat throughout the year. My issue with the festivities you might ask? Sorrowful… Continue reading The Festivities

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The Unsatisfying Story

I admit without shame that I am an avid reader. However, I am running out of good stories to read. Although I am not particularly picky when it comes to genres - romance, suspense, mystery, etc., it pains me to say the absence of certain attributes will get me to lose interest in stories I… Continue reading The Unsatisfying Story