The Gag

Before anyone of you get some kinky ideas... No... not in that context!  My previous post was about filters, this one is the opposite. I put my words through filters before saying them (self censorship if you prefer); the gag refers to the words I want to get out... those rebel words I want to… Continue reading The Gag


The Filter

Have you ever been around people who say the most inappropriate things at the most inopportune time? At best, their words make for awkward but funny situations, and at worst, they nearly kill those they are with with shame. We often refer to these people as having no filter between the brain and the mouth.… Continue reading The Filter

Daily grievance and fun

Thanksgiving in Canada

It might come as a shock to some people but the last Thursday of November is not unanimously Thanksgiving Day in the entire world.  The Canadian Thanksgiving always occurs on the first Monday of October.  This statutory holiday is not as big a deal as it is in the USA; no turkey gets a pardon… Continue reading Thanksgiving in Canada

Daily grievance and fun

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I know... catchy tune! It came to mind today because I actually saw a rainbow , a complete 180-degree arc with vibrant colours. You know how sometimes one end is clear and the other, rather blurry and pale... No, not today. I could not help but think about its symbolical meaning; an alliance, a covenant,… Continue reading Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Daily grievance and fun

Telling Signs Summer is Over

Already the last days of September. After a summer exceptionally hot, the respite of heat is much welcome. Birds forming a V shape fly south Sandals are not enough to keep your toes warm Temperature varies from 29 C to 0  C (freezing point) in less than 24 hours It rains more than usual Yellow… Continue reading Telling Signs Summer is Over

Daily grievance and fun

Living a Fake or Genuine Life

Years ago I made a decision I will not ever regret despite its  lack of popularity. I will not fake my moods, for no one, under no circumstances. I will not fake a jolly mood when I feel like weeping, I will not smile if I have no reason to.  I will not deny the… Continue reading Living a Fake or Genuine Life


Wallets Have No Friends

Seriously, I don't like politics, but since there is so much shaking and rattling on the political scene - which comprises human beings from all origins - it has its place here. As the title says so well, wallets have no friends. Allies are only allies when the alliance benefits them. When the purpose is… Continue reading Wallets Have No Friends