Easter – Spring or Winter

As Easter falls in mid-April this year, one would presume it would be a spring day: sunny, warm, and uplifting.

Would you not know? I behold a beautiful snow fall, the kind of snow fall we would get on Christmas Eve and marvel at how beautiful winter can be. Enormous flakes fall straight to the ground on this windless evening. The few patches of snow we have left will soon be covered with fresh, immaculate snowflakes.

Although there is still daylight, visibility is … shall we say… reduced as the snow curtain gets thicker by the minutes, and then thins up as if following the rhythm of symphony only it can hear.

It might sound silly, but it is still beautiful. There is something to be said about nature. It’s  a storyboard, a reminder, a sign, a voice that we often shut down because we are too busy to pay attention to it anymore. We are so busy living our lives and running after unimportant things, we forget to live in the “now”.


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