Another One Bites the Dust

School year that is! I have only one child left in the school system and next year is her last year. Graduation!  I cannot believe how quickly twelve years went by. It feels like it was only yesterday that it was time to go to kindergarten. She certainly looks forward to the next two months.… Continue reading Another One Bites the Dust

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Awareness and Expansion

Once stretched, the mind never goes back to its previous state. And so does awareness. Once you are aware of something, you keep seeing it, in you, in others, and in unrelated situations. You start seeing your life in a different shade and suddenly everything looks different while driving home that new thing you are aware… Continue reading Awareness and Expansion


Music is a Universal Language

I went to a show tonight featuring a band from Switzerland. The audience heard an eclectic mix of genre: country, rock, disco, balads, oldies. We heard songs from Bette Midler, Queen, Elvis, and Andrea Bocelli. The show lasted three hours instead of two. I have thoroughly enjoyed the show. I sang most songs, clapped just… Continue reading Music is a Universal Language