Happy Birthday Honey 

No… Honey is not a “partner”, honey is my best friend… my womance partner.

We are the same age, 40 days apart, and we share the same life vibration…

What on Earth are you talking about?

You know, everyone has a life path… We all go through hardship and trials.

Well, it is the first time I see two people (different but very compatible) who, despite different sets of circumstances, end up experiencing the same things.

She calls us “soul-sisters”. It seems pretty accurate. 

My relationship with her is a once-in-a-lifetime frienship.

As we jokingly say, we were each our first external-to-family bonding experience, and nothing else came close to it ever since. 

We are having a girls’ weekend out… We both need it.

Why am I telling you this?

Simply to let you know these types of relationships exist. They are not a myth.

In a world where fakeness abounds, genuineness can still be found. I found it. You can too.


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