Daily grievance and fun

One Week Away

I am one week away from a two-week summer break. Needless to say, I am looking forward to it. The night-owl I am will enjoy sleeping in a bit, to slow down the pace and hopefully recharge my battery a little bit. I expect a couple of friends to visit although nothing is confirmed yet.… Continue reading One Week Away

Daily grievance and fun

Wisdom is Quiet and Ignorance is Loud

Knowing everything must be a nice place to be in. If you listen, you will figure out a lot of people think there are there. My patience and tolerance are tested. I struggle to keep calm, but below the external veneer, I seethe with a slow burning anger and retorts that are better left unsaid.… Continue reading Wisdom is Quiet and Ignorance is Loud


Looking Forward to the Weekend

This week has been a busy one. There is a birthday bash tomorrow and I am looking forward to some down time. No interruption, only myself to take care of... It sounds like a marvellous idea. It seems I am often seeking the peaceful haven of solitude. I am only trying to enjoy my peace.… Continue reading Looking Forward to the Weekend

Daily grievance and fun, People

Where Did the Time Go?

I lost two hours today. Honestly, I started working right after lunch and I came up for air only at 3 o'clock and wondered how two hours went by without me doing what I had to do... and I never stopped working! Actually, many people were after me... I continuously got calls, instant messages, and… Continue reading Where Did the Time Go?