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What a Circus!

This marketing stuff is a vicious [circle] circus! Know your audience, know how to reach them, know what they want and provide it... and don't forget to let them know you give them added value! (Like a free ebook on a topic they are actually interested in.) Well, I can get a good visual of… Continue reading What a Circus!

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Father’s Day

Today is Father's Day... And I have had no one to wish it to for close to 20 years. I am wondering if men today know the meaning of fatherhood. What kind of examples do the youth have? They see their parents struggling to give them a comfortable living... at the expense of quality living.… Continue reading Father’s Day


Authors’ Availability 

I made no secret of my being an avid reader.  I read a lot of fiction and the more I do, the more I understand the craft of storytelling.  With my modest knowledge of the craft, I have done - and still do beta reading and proofing. Very recently, I became part of review team.… Continue reading Authors’ Availability