Wallets Have No Friends

Seriously, I don’t like politics, but since there is so much shaking and rattling on the political scene – which comprises human beings from all origins – it has its place here.

As the title says so well, wallets have no friends. Allies are only allies when the alliance benefits them. When the purpose is gone or has changed, the alliance is terminated and allies learn it the right way… or through tweets.

Money equates to power, and it has for a very long time. Money buys favour, weapons, human capital, goods, services, leadership, governance… and even justice. It should not come as a surprise that promoting values such as freedom of speech, basic human rights, acceptable living conditions, and equality is met with eyes as big as saucers. Who in the world can measure these things? Who can weigh utopical values in terms of power? It is like shovelling clouds or emptying the ocean with a bucket. Just foolish. There are no other words for it.

The world leaders need to grow up and realise that being self-serving is not the way they will make the planet a better place. They need to take their responsibilities seriously and honour them – fessing up when messing up, striving to keep the peace and preserving the planet we live on. We need to prepare for the future; there is a point of no return.

I have no solution to offer; I just find the state of the world very worrisome and saddening. Man’s quest for power is as old as the world; what a pity wisdom has not known the same popularity.


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