How far would you go in the name of friendship? Fiction tells us that friends stand by one another, they support one another, they put their friends first, they take a beating for them so they be spared. How often have your friends sacrificed themselves for you?  Do you have that type of friends?  My guess… Continue reading Friendship

Daily grievance and fun

A Good Laugh

I spent the afternoon at the movie theater with the family. We watched bilingual movie full of cultural stereotype which fostered very hilarious situations. Only my daughter and I understand English well enough not to need subtitles, nonetheless, it seems lack of knowledge of the English language is not a deterrent to following the story.… Continue reading A Good Laugh


Solo Trip to Disconnect

In about a month, I will be driving to my friend's house. Solo driving for 8 hours, in all kinds of traffic, is nothing to reassure me. I have done it before, but this time, I am nervous about it. Must an age thing! I used to go places without a moment of anxiety. I… Continue reading Solo Trip to Disconnect