Respect is Given, not Earned.

I cringe every time I hear respect is earned. Social manners dictate a basic amount of respect. Do people go about their lives and push people around, beat them up, kill them just for the fun of it? As a standard, no. These things are called assault, aggravated assault, and homicide; they are crimes. Do… Continue reading Respect is Given, not Earned.


When Life Leaves

I mean to talk about death. I,  for one, have a point of contention with death. I don't like it, I have issues with it, I don't quite know how to deal with it. I have always been uncomfortable around it. I am not made to be around lifeless bodies. Death is both a thief and… Continue reading When Life Leaves


Gloomy but Enlightening 

Rainy day here... Although the skies were gray, I understood something about life today. We change - or only make changes - when the consequences of staying the same are heavier than we are willing to bear.  Most of us start taking care of our health because of a health scare, we get out of… Continue reading Gloomy but Enlightening