Invest in Your Talent

For some time now, I have known I needed something new in my life.

So I am leaving “the old” behind and taking a step forward into the unknown.

You see, I have a choice:

  • I can use my skills, my gift, to help someone’s pockets OR
  • I can use my skills to help someone’s growth, someone’s soul, or someone’s healing (or all three).

No, I don’t have that kind of arrogance, but I do have a gift (an easiness) for something and it is better put to use for something that matters, something that changes people’s lives rather than incite money transfert from one pocket to another.

No one can outrun their talents; they show up sooner or later. Talents are given so we develop them, so we and others may enjoy or benefit from them.

There comes a moment in life when we ditch what doesn’t suit us anymore and in my case, it happens to be the fruitless, empty purpose. If I do something that helps no one, I am wasting time and energy.

So I choose to invest in my talent to help others, I choose to practice it, I choose to follow this new path… Growth is part of life, and I choose life.


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