Daily grievance and fun, Observation

Three Rare Occurrences 

#1 In my neck of the woods, a forecast of 19 C and 20 C for a 21st ad 22nd of October is highly exceptional. Usually, by this time, the mercury hovers in the positive one digit temperature, the car heater is on in the morning and a light scarf is sometimes necessary. I went… Continue reading Three Rare Occurrences¬†

Daily grievance and fun

It Looks Like Spring

After the snowfall at the beginning of the week, we finally got a warm day (15 C as opposed to -5 C). It feels great to go outside without a coat, to wear running shoes instead of boots, and to roll down the window instead of turning on the heat in the car. Tomorrow will… Continue reading It Looks Like Spring

Daily grievance and fun

Let’s Take It in Stride

The last time I posted about snow was on April 16th, about 3 weeks ago. Well! ¬†Guess what? We are May 9th, and we are in the midst of a snow storm. Yes, you read correctly! Snow is falling right now... and it has been since yesterday evening! The forecast says 5 to 10 cm… Continue reading Let’s Take It in Stride