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Update: How to Ask a Man for Flowers

As expected, I got nothing. Had he been a quick thinker, he could have emailed me an image of flowers (either of a one-flower and greens bouquet or a monster-size bouquet), gotten a smile or a laugh out of me and made my day brighter. That's fine. Getting something was not the purpose of the… Continue reading Update: How to Ask a Man for Flowers



Communication is one of the most complex act in the world, not in performing, but in understanding. Two people need a common set of reference and a clear context so communication is successful. Obviously, communication fails if one of the two people attempting it does not grasp what they are talking about. It looks rather… Continue reading Misinterpretation


Gloomy but Enlightening 

Rainy day here... Although the skies were gray, I understood something about life today. We change - or only make changes - when the consequences of staying the same are heavier than we are willing to bear.¬† Most of us start taking care of our health because of a health scare, we get out of… Continue reading Gloomy but Enlightening¬†