Winter Break

March break has a bad reputation as many associate it with 'Girls Gone Wild' or 'Boys Gone Wild'... or whatever else youth does when on break from post secondary education. My March Break consisted of going to bed, instead. I used the opportunity to catch up on sleep and it has done me good. I… Continue reading Winter Break


It is true!

They say the more often you post blogs, the more traffic you get. Weekly blog posts, as opposed to daily ones, bring in only a third of the traffic. Now, the questions are: what are my priorities? how do I effectively invest my energy in what matters? One thing I know is that I do… Continue reading It is true!


Music is a Universal Language

I went to a show tonight featuring a band from Switzerland. The audience heard an eclectic mix of genre: country, rock, disco, balads, oldies. We heard songs from Bette Midler, Queen, Elvis, and Andrea Bocelli. The show lasted three hours instead of two. I have thoroughly enjoyed the show. I sang most songs, clapped just… Continue reading Music is a Universal Language

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Where Did the Time Go?

I lost two hours today. Honestly, I started working right after lunch and I came up for air only at 3 o'clock and wondered how two hours went by without me doing what I had to do... and I never stopped working! Actually, many people were after me... I continuously got calls, instant messages, and… Continue reading Where Did the Time Go?