Daily grievance and fun

Shy Approach

Bold, defiant, cocky... are not good epithets to describe spring this year. It is beyond bashful. Not only have we had a snowy winter, the cold season is in no hurry to give some room to spring. On this date, I have seen frigid temperatures, and I have also seen balmy, summer highs. We barely… Continue reading Shy Approach


Growing Season

The snow just disappeared from the front the yard and soon the colour green will sprout out of the ground to tell we might start thinking about putting the winter coat away for a few months. Finally! Speaking of growth, I have a few plants to take care of today. My living room window looks… Continue reading Growing Season

Daily grievance and fun

Fleeing from Winter

Although Spring is officially our season, I will flee from a place in the world that has not gotten the memo yet. Snow storms, North winds, frigid night are still in our weather forecast. So, this week, I will be staying two parallels down in a region that has gotten the memo. The forecast says… Continue reading Fleeing from Winter


Easter – Spring or Winter

As Easter falls in mid-April this year, one would presume it would be a spring day: sunny, warm, and uplifting. Would you not know? I behold a beautiful snow fall, the kind of snow fall we would get on Christmas Eve and marvel at how beautiful winter can be. Enormous flakes fall straight to the… Continue reading Easter – Spring or Winter