Daily grievance and fun, Observation

What a Circus!

This marketing stuff is a vicious [circle] circus! Know your audience, know how to reach them, know what they want and provide it... and don't forget to let them know you give them added value! (Like a free ebook on a topic they are actually interested in.) Well, I can get a good visual of… Continue reading What a Circus!

Daily grievance and fun

Not Making Head or Tail of Social Media

Must be spring fever on Facebook! I have a page which has been set up for at least 5 years, and wouldn't you know... it is raining "likes". Two page likes in as many weeks... What is going on? I don't advertise, I don't post regularly, I don't even care for it much... I am… Continue reading Not Making Head or Tail of Social Media


One Week Away

I am doing a 30-day blogging experiment, which will be over in one week. I have posted every day since the first of April. I wanted to know how much traffic short , fluffy stuff would generate.  I haven't shared my posts on social media, only posted on the website to see if they would… Continue reading One Week Away