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Thanksgiving Day

Contrarily to our American friends, Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October, nearly a month and a half before they do. Thanksgiving Day ends up on the second Monday of October so, this year, it falls on October 9th. What happens? It is a statutory holiday so nobody works and those who do are paid double. Mostly, this… Continue reading Thanksgiving Day

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What Happened?!

Wow! August went by like a ball of fire! (You watch roll and you keep your hands off of it!) Seriously, it has been so busy I ended up in September wondering where those 31 days went. I've been busy moving my ageing mother to a new apartment. She left a remote area to live… Continue reading What Happened?!

Daily grievance and fun

I Kid You Not!

Yesterday's temperature bordered on heat wave (23°C with a Humidex factor ("feels like") of 28°C). Tonight, I got out of a store after some errands and snowflakes covered  my vehicle. Canada has no boring seasons. We get everything in a matter of days regardless of the season we are in. Sometimes we get three different… Continue reading I Kid You Not!

Daily grievance and fun

Let’s Take It in Stride

The last time I posted about snow was on April 16th, about 3 weeks ago. Well!  Guess what? We are May 9th, and we are in the midst of a snow storm. Yes, you read correctly! Snow is falling right now... and it has been since yesterday evening! The forecast says 5 to 10 cm… Continue reading Let’s Take It in Stride