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People Don’t Change

I heard recently that, in marriage, a man doesn't want his woman to change and the woman wants her man to change.  We often hear of unrealistic expectations, irreconcilable differences, unmet needs, lack of intimacy, infidelity as the most common reasons to divorce. Well,  if youth knew what the older generation only learned with time,… Continue reading People Don’t Change

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Friendship Betrayal

How often do you forgive a friend? As many times as it takes. Now wait a minute! My friend hurt me in the worst possible way... and you expect me to forgive? Are you out of your mind? I am not out of my mind and yes, forgiveness is the only answer. What is friendship… Continue reading Friendship Betrayal



Some people are just oblivious of their behaviors. They act like jerks and wonder why they have no friends, why people flee when they walk into a room. They do everything they can to stay “right” in their mind and end up pushing people away. You cannot keep hurting someone and not damage the relationship… Continue reading Oblivious

Daily grievance and fun

Decision Making

I have a love/hate relationship with decision making. I don't make decisions lightly. I think about it, think some more, ponder... go back and forth... and it seems like I don't know what I want. Oh, I can make decisions in a split second, but the important ones, the ones that impact on my loved… Continue reading Decision Making


Solo Trip to Disconnect

In about a month, I will be driving to my friend's house. Solo driving for 8 hours, in all kinds of traffic, is nothing to reassure me. I have done it before, but this time, I am nervous about it. Must an age thing! I used to go places without a moment of anxiety. I… Continue reading Solo Trip to Disconnect


Gloomy but Enlightening 

Rainy day here... Although the skies were gray, I understood something about life today. We change - or only make changes - when the consequences of staying the same are heavier than we are willing to bear.  Most of us start taking care of our health because of a health scare, we get out of… Continue reading Gloomy but Enlightening