Communication is one of the most complex act in the world, not in performing, but in understanding. Two people need a common set of reference and a clear context so communication is successful. Obviously, communication fails if one of the two people attempting it does not grasp what they are talking about. It looks rather… Continue reading Misinterpretation


Writing: a Tool for Awareness 

We started getting history records only when writing systems were invented. If today we are aware of facts dating back thousands of years, it is because of written records. Bloggers, such as ourselves, know that written expression is a step more profound than thoughts. It is more defined and steadier than fleeting thoughts. We also can… Continue reading Writing: a Tool for Awareness 


Are Dreams Meaningful?

I woke up this morning with an uneasy feeling. I dreamt of a trap, of a potentially explosive situation that, I hope, I won't get to experience in my waking life. I've had premonitory dreams in the past that warned me of troubles ahead. Maybe this was one of them. The weirdest thing of all… Continue reading Are Dreams Meaningful?