Daily grievance and fun

The Internet of Things

I learned a new term this week... and it leaves me... concerned. Did you know you can connect your watching machine to the Internet and communicate with it? 😲 I will never look at a pile of laundry the same way I did before learning this! Given, not every washing machine is equipped for it.… Continue reading The Internet of Things

Daily grievance and fun, Observation

What a Circus!

This marketing stuff is a vicious [circle] circus! Know your audience, know how to reach them, know what they want and provide it... and don't forget to let them know you give them added value! (Like a free ebook on a topic they are actually interested in.) Well, I can get a good visual of… Continue reading What a Circus!


Wrapping up an Experiment

I have been blogging for few years and web traffic is an elusive thing. So I figured I would experiment. You see, I have a professional blog on which I post once a month. The posts are substantial: informative and thoughtful and all are related to aspects of my trade. I try a broad yet… Continue reading Wrapping up an Experiment

Daily grievance and fun

Visibility on the Internet: a Scam?

Okay, let's put the cards on the table! I  am not new at blogging. I  have been doing it for at least 3 years... on different topics (professional blog, author blog, philosophical blog), on different platforms (all mine). And you know what? I am ecstatic when I get 20 views! Only twice in three years… Continue reading Visibility on the Internet: a Scam?