Losing Touch

Today is the anniversary of someone I know and with whom I lost contact. It is a long story and it is best this way, but I cannot help and wonder how life has been for this person. I am sure I don't cross this pal's mind, and yet I feel nostalgia tonight thinking about… Continue reading Losing Touch


Almost Free

Today is a happy day! There is a young woman (my daughter) - whom I love dearly - who couldn't be happier. After almost 2 years of "mouth torture", her braces were removed! She did the happy dance more than once. She now wears another piece 24/7 that she only takes off when she eats.… Continue reading Almost Free


Music is a Universal Language

I went to a show tonight featuring a band from Switzerland. The audience heard an eclectic mix of genre: country, rock, disco, balads, oldies. We heard songs from Bette Midler, Queen, Elvis, and Andrea Bocelli. The show lasted three hours instead of two. I have thoroughly enjoyed the show. I sang most songs, clapped just… Continue reading Music is a Universal Language