Daily grievance and fun

The Festivities

I have never been a party girl, but I make efforts... sometimes. This weekend, I have been in the kitchen making meat pies, more than a dozen of them. Not that I needed so many, but there will be enough left to eat throughout the year. My issue with the festivities you might ask? Sorrowful… Continue reading The Festivities


Rolling With The Punches

Resilience is like a muscle. The more you exert it, the stronger it gets. How do you develop your resilience muscle? You face hardship repeatedly and press on. You deal with the unpleasant news you get, you find any speck of positive stuff there is - even if you have to dig for it -… Continue reading Rolling With The Punches

Daily grievance and fun

How to Make a Blogger Happy

Well, it is very simple! Let the blogger know his or her blog is seen and read. In other terms, click like, share, or leave a comment. This happened to me today! Someone I do not know neither from Adam nor Eve, left a comment on a blog I posted. Okay, it was a pingback… Continue reading How to Make a Blogger Happy