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Powerlessness… One of the Worse Feelings in the World

Powerlessness leave parents heart-broken.



I find most disturbing the fact that we often tell our own truth, our own reality without being aware of it. Just recently I read something I wrote many years ago only to realize that the insight I wrote about came back to consciousness a few week ago. The issue (insight) comes back up to… Continue reading Awareness


Discernment and Life Experience

I am in deep reflection about life experience. As we grow up, we gain in life experience. Some are awesome, others are painful, but we usually hone our discernment through them. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. I wonder how much honing we end up doing when we lack… Continue reading Discernment and Life Experience


Denying Anger

We all go through difficulties... As sure as we breathe, we also face trials, hardship, offense, insults... and most of the time we get angry about the situation we are in, angry with the people we are with, and sometimes we just wear anger... we are dressed in it, it shows in our attitude, we… Continue reading Denying Anger