On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is virtually impossible to miss. The colours red and white saturate shops and retailers since January 7th or so … and by Friday, all hearts and balloons will have been replaced with bunnies and eggs! Two consecutive holidays which rely on chocolate sales. Aligning by their themes (love and life/couple and family), these… Continue reading On Valentine’s Day

Daily grievance and fun

Purposely Seek Little Pleasures

Today was what my colleague and I call "sushi Thursday". Once a week, lunch out instead of bring our lunches and we treat ourselves to sushi. We both like it. On top of our usual plate we treated ourselves to sushi desserts this week. For those who do not know how that concept can even… Continue reading Purposely Seek Little Pleasures

Daily grievance and fun

Life’s Little Pleasures

It takes little to brighten a day sometimes. Chocolate is a sure picker-upper, but there is something else - something unlikely - that has made its way to my list of comfort food. Deep-fried food? NO! Desserts (any kind, the sweeter the better)? No! The juicy T-Bone, one-pounder hamburger, or a whole pound of bacon?… Continue reading Life’s Little Pleasures