The Gag

Before anyone of you get some kinky ideas… No… not in that context! 

My previous post was about filters, this one is the opposite. I put my words through filters before saying them (self censorship if you prefer); the gag refers to the words I want to get out… those rebel words I want to hear out loud, the words that, shamelessly, want to skip the filtering process altogether.  Those primal (articulated) cries expressing my basic truth… Those words that, sadly, do not make their way out of the core of my heart. 

You know…

You are running after the wind, people… This is not where life is. Look deeper. You are wasting precious time running after what does not matter at all.

Stop chasing darkness! Live under the light! This world won’t get brighter if we all carry a  turned-off torch.

I am heartbroken.  Listen to me!

Cherish the light around you; someday you will wish you could still see it and regret you destroyed it out of jealousy and rivalry. 

These words don’t get out; they are still in a box. They have not been tamed. Maybe they know the day they get out, there is no going back in a box. 

Meanwhile, they are under gag order. This is not the time, this is not the place, and this is not the way they are destined to fly.  And yet, the world needs them so much they know it. 

So here I am again, remaining silent when, perhaps, I should talk. 

Same difference. 


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