Daily grievance and fun

Thanksgiving in Canada

It might come as a shock to some people but the last Thursday of November is not unanimously Thanksgiving Day in the entire world. 

The Canadian Thanksgiving always occurs on the first Monday of October. 

This statutory holiday is not as big a deal as it is in the USA; no turkey gets a pardon from the governing head of the country [can someone remind me of the actual crime the turkey perpetrated in order for it to be pardoned?]. I mean we do eat turkey on Thanksgiving (and for Christmas) but not once, to my knowledge, any Canadian turkeys were pardoned. 

I am not a stickler for holidays. In essence, any holiday doesn’t mean much. Most everything loses its significance when you realise nobody cares; holidays are days off from work and an opportunity to sleep in.  

Regardless, I have a lot to be thankful for; blessings abound and life has never been so full. 


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