Daily grievance and fun

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I know… catchy tune!

It came to mind today because I actually saw a rainbow , a complete 180-degree arc with vibrant colours. You know how sometimes one end is clear and the other, rather blurry and pale… No, not today.

Rainbow 26sept2018

I could not help but think about its symbolical meaning; an alliance, a covenant, a sign of agreement, of conclusion and closure, and of a promise.

Now I know this is a controversial matter; signs of nature are nothing but meteorological phenomena and it would be ludicrous to think something can be “read” into them. You are entitled to your opinion, the same way I am entitled to mine so let’s agree to disagree.

I do believe there is no coincidence in life, and although I would not have enough vanity to believe it was solely for me, I do believe I can see a sign in it. It succeeded to a day or two of intense talks on a fundamental timeline.

I cannot help but notice – and you would not know this – that the northern and southern parts of the town are joined together, and that is a multi-layered cosmic sign. It means nothing to you, it means the world to me, and I chose to give this ephemeral sign the meaning it is supposed to have.

What is a man without transcendental, spiritual beliefs? Heartless, soulless, and full of hatred.



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