Daily grievance and fun

Telling Signs Summer is Over

Already the last days of September. After a summer exceptionally hot, the respite of heat is much welcome.
  • Birds forming a V shape fly south
  • Sandals are not enough to keep your toes warm
  • Temperature varies from 29 C to 0  C (freezing point) in less than 24 hours
  • It rains more than usual
  • Yellow school busses roam the streets in the morning and late afternoon
  • You can start cooking in the kitchen again (instead of passing out from a heat stroke every time you want to eat)
  • The leaves on trees are changing colours already
  • You have to run the car heater to see through the windshield  in the morning and soon you will have to scrape off frost from it before putting it in reverse.
Fall is a nice transition I think. Nature is preparing to sleep for a few months and everything slows down, the day shortens, and an extra blanket on the bed becomes a good thing. My favourite thing about Fall? It is hot chocolate season!

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