Daily grievance and fun

An Unexpected Death

Something died this week; kaput, off, no more.  And I don’t care much.

Before you gasp, outraged at my lack of perturbation and think you are dealing with a psychopath here, let me tell you about the victim.  

43 inches wide, black, had a average lifespan…  My Smart TV died.

Personally, I don’t feel the void it left. I used to watch TV more than I do now. In fact, I would not own one and it would change nothing in my life, but the kids surely enjoy watching Netflix on it.

If given a choice, I would probably pick a book over a show. At least, you don’t have to fiddle with the remote control to adjust the volume when the sound effect are twice as louder as the dialogue.

Unfortunately I will cave in and get a new Smart TV… sometime next month. Meanwhile, the kids will have to be patient and find something else to distract themselves.


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