Daily grievance and fun

Living a Fake or Genuine Life

Years ago I made a decision I will not ever regret despite its  lack of popularity.

I will not fake my moods, for no one, under no circumstances. I will not fake a jolly mood when I feel like weeping, I will not smile if I have no reason to.  I will not deny the burden I carry, the ordeals I have been through, or the constant grief I feel.  Denying my past is denying what has given me maturity, depth, and a spirituality I can only attribute to searching for answers and support in moments of need.

In a world where appearances are all there is, when physical beauty is the pinnacle of blessing and money, of success, it takes a tremendous amount of love for truth to live without lies or falseness. Good character, gentleness, industriousness, integrity mean very little in our day and age.

I will not apologize for the lack of misleading displays. I will not apologize for wearing my heart on my sleeve.

You wish to see a smile on my face? Give me a reason to. You wish to hear me laugh?Show me your sense of humour. It is that simple.


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