Daily grievance and fun

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I know... catchy tune! It came to mind today because I actually saw a rainbow , a complete 180-degree arc with vibrant colours. You know how sometimes one end is clear and the other, rather blurry and pale... No, not today. I could not help but think about its symbolical meaning; an alliance, a covenant,… Continue reading Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Daily grievance and fun

Telling Signs Summer is Over

Already the last days of September. After a summer exceptionally hot, the respite of heat is much welcome. Birds forming a V shape fly south Sandals are not enough to keep your toes warm Temperature varies from 29 C to 0  C (freezing point) in less than 24 hours It rains more than usual Yellow… Continue reading Telling Signs Summer is Over

Daily grievance and fun

Living a Fake or Genuine Life

Years ago I made a decision I will not ever regret despite its  lack of popularity. I will not fake my moods, for no one, under no circumstances. I will not fake a jolly mood when I feel like weeping, I will not smile if I have no reason to.  I will not deny the… Continue reading Living a Fake or Genuine Life