Daily grievance and fun

Growing Unease

Have you ever been at a point in your life when you were thinking things had to change even though there was nothing bad in your life?

I still have my job, I even get job offers, I have a new car, both kids are of age and working and not a thing should bother me. Yet, there is a growing unease in my life.

I am back eating my emotions – big time – and I have no clue what triggered it. I am just hungry. I am usually mindful of what I eat, trying my best to make the right food choices  and yet reasonably satisfy my hunger, but it has been a week that this behaviour went out the window. I am literally binge eating… and it bothers me even more!

The battle of the bulge has been my fight forever and I am losing it big time.

I normally know what bothers me, I can usually pinpoint the trigger, but this time I am clueless.

I am aware of a few things that leave me dissatisfied, but dissatisfaction is not usually a trigger. It is somewhat bothersome, but it does not make me seek comfort food.

Some elements of my circumstances could change and I would not mind, especially on the professional and personal levels, but there is little I can do at the moment. Maybe it is just a “cosmic” warning things are about to change in a major way. I have felt a crossroad coming, I know I am in a transitional phase of my life; this unease might just be a culminating point of it… because my life is about to flip on its head.


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