Daily grievance and fun

Growing Unease

Have you ever been at a point in your life when you were thinking things had to change even though there was nothing bad in your life? I still have my job, I even get job offers, I have a new car, both kids are of age and working and not a thing should bother… Continue reading Growing Unease


Wallets Have No Friends

Seriously, I don't like politics, but since there is so much shaking and rattling on the political scene - which comprises human beings from all origins - it has its place here. As the title says so well, wallets have no friends. Allies are only allies when the alliance benefits them. When the purpose is… Continue reading Wallets Have No Friends

Daily grievance and fun

Summer Break – Unexpected

The first week of my vacation is already behind me and I did not see it go by. It has been busy! I have been looking to replace my vehicle for over a year and this week I went for it, albeit unexpectedly. My friend leases her vehicle, and she likes it—how I understand the… Continue reading Summer Break – Unexpected