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A New Gen of Men

I was at the hair stylist tonight with my princess; short hair in summer feels so cool!

The place was quiet, only our hair stylist, two colleagues of hers, and a client – a man! – were in the building.

I went from surprise to surprise with this guy in his mid-30’s (he told us his age). He talked to his own hair stylist, but we were in close proximity so we all heard.

  1. He spoke the whole time. Talkative is an adjective that suits him well.
  2. He spoke of cooking, bread making in particular.
  3. He spoke of his youth, his parents, and mentioned only his parents should not have had children.
  4. He spoke of his girlfriend in a loving manner; credited her for now knowing what love is. She made him a better man.

I am a decade older than he is, but I never thought I would hear a guy speak so openly. I hate cliches but he spoke like a woman – and I don’t mean it in a derogatory way at all – he has the insight, the self -awareness, and the openness I have only ever expected from women. It mattered to him to speak of matters of the heart, it mattered to him to be real. It mattered to speak truths about himself, things we (men and women) usually keep for our confidants.

I don’t know your name young man, but you have shown me:

  • men are not all clueless about themselves and their inner life
  • love and life matter to men too
  • men yearn for love as much as women do
  • men have hopes in marriage, as much as women do.

Hat’s off young man! You help me hope.


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