Daily grievance and fun

This is Hot Hot Hot!

Murphy’s law is it… whatever can go wrong will?

The heatwave just broke here and we are getting some much needed cooler temperature. Did you know AC units only died during heatwaves when all stores in town are sold out?

Of course!

A picture is worth a thousand words.

This Nordic chick here thought she would pass out.

I finally survived… not without loosing gallons of water through sweat and tons of frozen yogurt. It was not enough to cool down my body temperature.

Now this was the ordeal of week, but it is rather insignificant. I speak of weather when it is exceptional, otherwise I have so little interest in it. There are far more important topics – no offence to the environmentalists out there – than our discomfort.

This heatwave, however, was a great opportunity to do something I had not done in a very long time with the kids; we camped in the living room (the coolest room in our living quarters); the girls on a makeshift mattress on the floor and the blue collar worker on the couch, all three of us in the aim of three swivelling fans… and we found some measure of comfort to sleep. The night was short but at least I did not wake up dripping wet.

Special moments are few and far between; the three of us work on different schedules, chores get in the way, but I still like to have special moments with them. It gives us opportunities for closeness. It gives us time to connect rather than just being family members living under the same roof. I am in the last straight of full time motherhood; the kids will eventually leave to live on their own and these moments of closeness are ones I cherish.


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