Worrisome Time

I am not a political person. I follow politics from a distance, never in depth as I have little interest in the matter.

However, I have concerns.

When a leader creates tensions with allies and friends and make friends with enemies of democracy, I worry.

I worry when an authority figure feels the need to attack verbally, to plant ridiculous doubts, to cast blame unjustly, and to look indignant about lawful trade practices because it means the benefits are perhaps lower than desired (this is called greed by the way… please note that I said benefits, not loss, not breaking even… I used “benefits”), when disagreeing gets you to be subjected to defamation.

I worry when one’s image is more important than peace, when “divide and conquer” is applied to the letter, when there is pleasure in creating chaos.

Nuclear weapons are destructive, but wiping out humanity can be done in numerous ways. I consider putting the army knife away (disarmament, destruction of nuclear weapons) an absolute joke when you know very well you can burn down the house in a gas explosion with a simple match (biochemical warfare weapons).

I worry when children and parents get separated for no valid reason (like violence against the children).

We live in the 21st Century. We should be wiser, we have a recent past to look back on and analyse, a past that should help us see the red flags. Let’s not be blind and keep watch so perhaps we can do something it goes too far.

Two more years of this, and hopefully peace will return… if the planet does not get blown up in the meantime.


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