The Green-eyed Monster

Yesterday, I found out an ex-colleague of mine started a blog on part time parenthood. He is a recently separated father and he speaks of his experience.

Wonderful! He wants to express his side of the story, to give a man’s take on a common life event, and perhaps help others who experience the unexpected crumbling of their footing. He does it with introspection, retrospection, and maturity. Hat’s off, man! Noble goal, noble and helpful initiative, a project for the greater good of humanity… and I am all for that.

The green-eyed monster shows its ugly head when I see the kind of responses he gets from people. Likes, comments, and shares. In less than 24 hours, he got more responses than I have gotten for a single post in the five years I have been blogging (personal and professional blogs combined).

I am glad his initiative meets this kind of success, but I am inevitably annoyed I do not get the validation he is getting. It is his first blog post, the story does not say how it ends (he might abandon it, he might find trolls, he might just forget about it… or people will… and no, I am not begging the universe for it to happen). Still, he has something I struggle to get… visibility.

I will not make the mistake of believing visibility validates worthiness. My posts are worth the read, they bring a different perpective, they show things in a new light, they are profoundly human and they touch on what everyone experiences (sometimes in a light and funny way, sometimes in a deeper and spiritual way), but they always leave the reader with either a smile or an introspective question, and both are necessary to grow.

This visibility “stuff” is uncanny. I cannot phatom why I remain hidden despite making considerable efforts to be seen. I am far from looking for world-wide recognition, I would not know how to deal with it. I am looking for a few people (dozens? hundreds?) who will tell me something I wrote uplifted them, something I wrote resonated with them, or something I wrote helped them. I just want to know I am helping someone with something… whatever that is… even if it is only by entertaining them for the few minutes it takes to read.

Okay, it is more annoyance than jealousy, and it baffles me.

Good luck, buddy… and I sincerely mean it.


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