Daily grievance and fun

Circadian Rhythm

This… that above… mine is… fubar.

I napped twice today and still I would go back to bed if I could. Close to 20 years of sleep issues make me a very tired woman. The first culprit was my becoming a mother. No stranger to interrupted sleep, it did not get better when the second child arrived. My circadian rhythm was arrhythmic.

When the kids were older, the night-owl pattern had already taken roots and it has not left.

Being a night-owl and working a day job certainly contributes to a lack of sleep. As I jokingly said, sleep is not the issue, it is getting up in the morning that messes things up.

The short nights are taking their toll.

Six months ago, a life event forced me to get to bed later, and as I am not getting any younger, recuperating from it is difficult.

11 effects of sleep deprivation on the body

Mainly, my concentration is shut.

I have taken a few steps already to get my minimal number of hours or sleep – even on the short side but decent hours of sleep, but I still need to recuperate.

I will go through this list and see where I can improve.

20 tips to sleep better


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