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Update: How to Ask a Man for Flowers

As expected, I got nothing. Had he been a quick thinker, he could have emailed me an image of flowers (either of a one-flower and greens bouquet or a monster-size bouquet), gotten a smile or a laugh out of me and made my day brighter.

That’s fine.

Getting something was not the purpose of the exercise… because I realized someone who is bad with dates remembers my birthday most every year.

Someone cares.

I have the best BFF in the world, a link to another human being, parallel lives, but opposite background and personalities, and still commonalities by the bucket full.

Someone understands.

I have two extraordinary kids who, for all the worries I had about them when they were little, have pushed back their limits and made their mama proud of the young adults they are becoming.

I have love.

Every single day, I strive to choose the path of the righteous in every little thing. A life is built up one choice and one step at a time; seeds of love will grow into a harvest of love.

I have a purpose in life.

I get the opportunity to grow, to push back my own limits, to get out of my comfort zone once a in while and discover something new about myself.

I evolve and grow.

I believe in greater than me, in I am that I am.

I have faith.


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