Daily grievance and fun

Rolling and Pitching – Spare Me!

Today, it is a real grievance.

I travelled by bus (the Greyhound type) to visit my friend. I knew myself to be sensitive to rolling and pitching but this time was simply ridiculous. I took four anti-nausea pills (two before the trip, two mid-trip and I barely made it to my destination without making a mess. A nine-hour bus ride is a long trip when you feel like throwing up.

Did you know passengers in a bus actually sit higher from ground level by a good 6 feet (1,85m) than truck drivers?

You feel the pitch every time the ground is not perfectly leveled, and you feel the roll every time you go through a hole or a bump.

I am usually fine when riding in a car (especially if I drive), I have no issues with trains or planes, but the bus? Infallibly!


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