Daily grievance and fun

The Internet of Things

I learned a new term this week… and it leaves me… concerned.

Did you know you can connect your watching machine to the Internet and communicate with it?

😲 I will never look at a pile of laundry the same way I did before learning this!

Given, not every washing machine is equipped for it. Still, an appliance maker has marketed such a model.

What concerns me deeply is the fact that someone, a bright electronic and mechanical engineer most likely, thought it relevant to control his washing machine with his phone.

What the…?!

We already rely too much on electricity, are we going to elevate the Internet to a necessity rather than merely a commodity?

What are we doing to ourselves?

Does anyone still have clothe lines?

How far will this madness go?

Will there be a day when I only have to look at a keyboard so it starts typing what I want to write?

We need lessons in common sense and wisdom… pronto!


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