Winter Break

March break has a bad reputation as many associate it with ‘Girls Gone Wild’ or ‘Boys Gone Wild’… or whatever else youth does when on break from post secondary education.

My March Break consisted of going to bed, instead. I used the opportunity to catch up on sleep and it has done me good. I spent my time working on a project dear to my heart. There is nothing like self-teaching. Learning by oneself, watching the process get easier, and marvel at the product in a “how-did-I-manage-to-make-something-so-nice” kind of way are a few of the nicest feelings of evolution… the taste of growth and evolution.

It would not be complete without family fun or without taking care of a few responsibilities in the process. The role of the adult doesn’t stop because the said adult doesn’t drive to work every morning.

The temperature has been mild, snow was minimal, and the sun, prominent… I had a wonderful March break, in my home, with the kids.

Life is good if we focus on the little things.


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