Daily grievance and fun

Ecclectic Group With Homogeneous Minds

Men! Ever wonder what women talk about?

No, it is not always about you, or about fashion, or about the latest trend in make-up or shoes.

I’m part of a small group of women of all walks of life and whose ages span from mid forties to mid seventies. We are a jolly bunch.

There are six of us… let’s see our commonalities:

  • Four are grandmothers
  • Five are mothers
  • Three are or were business women
  • Two are still married, two are widows, one is single, and one is separated
  • Four speak French and English
  • Four  have travelled outside of North America (the two others wish to)
  • Two have special need children
  • The six of us enjoy food and gastronomic tourism
  • Three have worked or owned businesses in the food industry
  • Three are tellers (trips, anecdotes, embarrassing moments, issues)
  • Four are seniors

As you can see, we have enough in common to relate to one another despite being in different stages in our lives.

So what do women talk about? Let me tell you what we talked about tonight:

  • Politics (one of them was a candidate in our electoral district during this decade)
  • Constitution, federation, Queen Elizabeth II
  • Dieting … chocolate and chips, bread making
  • United States (politics, guns, Florida shootings, societal changes, votes)
  • Sickness
  • Real estate
  • Children and education
  • Portugal, travelling abroad

Surprising, isn’t it?

The funny (and homogeneous) part?

Four of us ordered the same dish, the two others ordered the same thing (different from the four others).

For all the differences between us, we fit well together.

If I turn out to be as interesting as they are, to have as much to tell as they do when I reach their age (I am at the tail of the bunch), I will consider having had enough life experience to have grown reasonably enough to deserve some rest.

Gentlemen, women do not always gossip.


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