Daily grievance and fun

The Festivities

I have never been a party girl, but I make efforts… sometimes.

This weekend, I have been in the kitchen making meat pies, more than a dozen of them. Not that I needed so many, but there will be enough left to eat throughout the year.

My issue with the festivities you might ask?

Sorrowful memories of Christmas from my youth. I find no joy in the celebration.

This is not about not getting the presents I wanted, it is about being too poor then to celebrate it. When a bag of chips and some 7Up become your Christmas treat and your present all rolled up into one, you quickly figure out that festivities mean little in the grand scheme of things. Christmas is a commercial event, not a religious or a spiritual one, therefore, it is of little significance.

Since the birth of the kids, we have had celebrations… more for their sake than anything else. We exchange gifts, get together as a family and we share a copious meal, but there is little joy in it.

For women, Chrismas usually means more work when they are already living on fumes (completely depleted of energy).

Wrap up some rest and offer it to the working mothers and women in your lives, now that is a real present she will greatly appreciate.

Gifts should be a matter of needs instead of wants. They should be about what matters,  not be about the latest toys and the high trending items.


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